If you need to inform school about the results of a COVID-19 test result on evenings, weekends or during school holidays, please contact us at outofhours@overfieldsprimary.org.uk

Headteacher: Tracy Watson Email: overfieldsadmin@overfieldsprimary.org.uk Telephone: 01642 314548

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At Overfields Primary School we have an exciting and hands on approach to science. We regularly hold science sessions where parents are invited to join in. We are very proud to have achieved the Silver Award for the Primary Science Quality Mark .

Our Science Curriculum Overview 

KeyStage 1  Autumn Spring  Summer 
Year 1 Everyday materials Animals, including Humans  Plants
Year 2 Everyday materials Habitats Animals, including Humans 


Lower KeyStage 2 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 3 Rocks and Soils Forces and Magnets Animals, including Humans   Plants Light
Year 4 Living Things and their Habitats Electricity States of Matter   Animals, including Humans Sound
Upper KeyStage 2 
Year 5 Forces Properties Living Things and their Habitats Animals, including Humans Space Space
Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance Electricity   Light Living Things and their Habitats Animals, including Humans