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Assessment in EYFS

Within our EYFS Curriculum, children are assessed continuously whilst we are interacting with the children. Our observations then inform future planning, as well as individual children’s next steps in their learning.

We have worked extremely closely with the other schools within our trust to create checkpoints, which are used to assess children at regular points throughout the year. Click below to view the checkpoints.

Our inclusive approach means that all children learn together, however we also provide effective and focused interventions for those children who are finding learning challenging and are not on track to meet expectations at the end of the year or are showing a greater depth of understanding and need further challenge. This includes, for example, sessions for developing speech and language, social skills, fine motor skills, phonics, and mathematics. This will be provided in an inclusive way and support from parents is also enlisted at an early stage to ensure that the children have every chance to achieve the Early Learning Goals. Regular feedback is given to parents through daily contact at the classroom door, Marvellous Me App and through parents evening.

Our learning environments are also adapted regularly to meet the different and developing needs of the children in our care and are based upon our assessment of next steps and interests.


The impact of our curriculum is measured using the percentage of pupils achieving Age Related Expectations (ARE) throughout the academic year. Those identified as not achieving ARE receive quality first teach and supportive interventions with familiar staff, these include both academic and social and emotional aspects of development. Our judgements are moderated externally by schools in our trust and at meetings organised by the authority. We also take part in local authority moderation, the most recent being summer 2019 where all our judgements were validated. 

The impact of our curriculum must always be to measure how effectively our children develop into well-rounded individuals that embody the schools values and poses the skills, attitude and knowledge to tackle future learning in a variety of contexts. We endeavour to make them not only ready for Year 1 on leaving EYFS but lifelong learners.

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